Egyptian Cotton is one to be reckoned with. It’s known worldwide for its impeccable quality and texture. Yet, we only seem to be able to find high quality Egyptian cotton abroad, for a fortune, or locally, poorly produced with low quality. Egypt gifts the world with cotton and doesn’t properly make use of it for its own; until CottonBall came along.

CottonBall is a brand that was founded in 2013 with the main purpose of sharing the rich Egyptian cotton in a way that is fresh, basic, comfortable and affordable. Ahmed Habib, founder and CEO says, “The brand was born out of a need we couldn’t fulfill, a basic, no frills, plain T-shirt in a variety of cuts and colors; what we wanted was high quality apparel without the excessive branding and design aspect.”

Many argue that people like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerburg and other revolutionary and great minds wear basic clothes to allow for their focus, decision-making and dedication to be channeled towards their work and their passion. A simple act of wearing a basic T without the need to over-think first thing in the morning frees your mind and simplifies your life, allowing you to remain confident through your go-to wardrobe.

Habib, who serves as CEO and is responsible for managing operations, business development and supply chain for the company, and Zena Sallam, who serves as CCO and actively manages the brand, product lines and overall image of the company have big dreams for CottonBall. They aim to bring back the glory of the Egyptian cotton as well as grow it to become an international brand.

CottonBall now sells their products in a store in Zamalek. They also share their refined methods of perfecting the Egyptian cotton through their B2B sales. They provide quality apparel and uniforms to startups, companies and corporations.

With a distinguished feel to their fabric, one that can even be visually identified, CottonBall prides itself with its Egyptian make. Their entire supply chain is made in Egypt, which allows for job opportunities and income to Egyptian families working with Cottonball locally as well as bringing in very much needed foreign currency into the Egyptian economy all the while staying true to their vision, simplicity and high quality.

“While most brands promote their own aesthetic and style, Cottonball wants to provide a staple in everyone’s wardrobe that elevates their style; and at the end of the day what everyone has in common is a CottonBall T-shirt. And that is how you Cottonball,” says Habib.